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It disappoints me to see all these extreme OT11 posts saying things like, EXO will be better off without Kris, EXO didn’t need him, new EXO is better, look at all their success now. I want to say it’s funny to me to watch how fast people have turned their backs on him, but really it’s only…

I’ll support Kris no matter what. OT12 or OT11 & Kris. He made his choice and whatever happens, happens. I will NOT turn my back on ANY single member whether they are there or not. They are/was a part of EXO and to me will always be a part of it no matter what happens.

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I know I don't usually post / reblog anything related to EXO


But I feel like my followers / EXO stans in general need to know the truth about how S.M. Entertainment works and feeds lies to people, ESPECIALLY the younger fans who may have only gotten into K-Pop through EXO and thus do not know S.M. Entertainment’s dirty history.

All of this stuff you see…

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Chenchen accidentally hits Duizhang in the face


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